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Improving UX and boosting conversion rates

PopStore is the e-commerce site that sells subscriptions of O Popular, the most popular newspaper in the state of Goiás, Brazil. The goal of this project was to increase the newspaper’s subscription sales.

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The Problem

Analysis of the conversion funnel indicated that users had to spend a significant amount of time during the check-out process. As a result of this, subscription rates were low. The challenge was to optimize this funnel and to create a more efficient experience for the user.

Year: Role:
2018 Lead UX Designer

The Process

The average buying process could take up to seven steps and a significant amount of time to complete ( with many decisions confusing the user), as the average time spent in each step showed us.


Our concept was to simplify the whole process by offering only three closed options: Digital, Digital & Print Daily, and Digital & Print Weekend.

We tested (and subsequently validated) the idea by creating a prototype and having a group of users test the model to see how easy and quick it was to use. The model had cut down the number of steps by about half.

Visual Design

The Results

Check-out process shortened by


Subscription’s selling increased in


The new version of the store improved performance by lowering the load time. We simplified the conversion funnel, shortened the check-out process by 43%, and increased subscription sales by 654% in the first three months after its release.


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