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O Popular

To celebrate its 80th anniversary, the newspaper got a website redesign

Founded by Jaime Câmara Group – one of the largest media and communications groups in Brazil – the newspaper O Popular is an important and influential media brand in the state of Goiás, Brazil. To celebrate its 80th anniversary, the news portal got a redesign.

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The Problem

The shift from print to digital had a huge impact on the editorial market, so it was essential that this new website would be aligned with the future of the company and its goals. Guided by metrics and business strategies, the main goals of the project were to show content in an attractive way to readers and to increase the number of subscribers.

Year: Role:
2018 Lead UX Designer

The Process

Main page layout in its previous version, with click maps.

The desktop user, who spends more time on website than the mobile user, is who guided the focus of the project. The main goal of the redesign was to have the main page have an impact as big as the front page of a print newspaper.

Analysing click and heat maps, we gained some important insights into the behaviour of users of the website.


We had a problem concerning visual hierarchy on the main page. There was not much difference between spotlights and day-by-day news, so we created a variety of layouts – like breaking news, headlines and regular news – that brought forward versatility on the cover’s montage.

“We created a variety of layouts that brought forward versatility on the cover’s montage”

In this new structure, the content is divided between a ‘news of the day’ area and a sidebar – where there are supporting elements such as newsletter subscription, columnists’s highlights and most read articles.

Visual Design

The Results

Subscription’s selling increased in


With this redesign we achieved a new look and feel which respects the newspaper’s 80 years of history and prepares it for the future. The product is now ready for new multimedia content such as Facebook Live, audio, video, and special articles. And together with the PopStore redesign – which is the e-commerce site for subscriptions to O Popular – we have increased sales by 654%. See the case.