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Interaction Latin America 2018

The biggest conference about Interaction Design in the world

In 2018, Interaction South America ā€“ the international conference of Interaction Design Association (IxDA) and Latin America’s largest and most important congress for Interaction Design, User Experience, Technology, and Innovation ā€“ expanded its limits, going from South America to Latin America, now embracing Mexico and Caribbean.

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The Problem

With the theme “Expanding frontiers: the limits of geography and the Interaction Design”, this very first Interaction Latin America conference happened in Rio de Janeiro. I had the challenge of visually representing this theme, with a broad range of cultures involved and a high impact in the local community.

Year: Role:
2018 Lead Designer

The Process

Frontiers, expansion and Latin America were the main concepts for developing the identity visual elements. The goal was to achieve a cosmopolitan image, that broke away the kitsch elements that normally represents the Latin American cultures. Although Rio de Janeiro was the host city, the desire was to not emphasize the city but the theme.

The frontier was visually translated into lines, an element commonly found in maps and geographical borders. The colors, blue and orange as the main ones, meant to represent the carioca’s sky and the contrast between technology and the human factor in interaction design.

To enhance Latin American diversity in this cultural mix, only typefaces designed by Latin typographers were chosen.

As a way to enhance Latin American diversity in this visual mix, I chose only typefaces designed by Latin typographers.
The main typography is Ocean Shore, designed by the Chilean Pablo Moreno. This bold typeface has geometric forms with stenciled details whose dialogue with the lines and frontiers concepts. The auxiliary is Saira, designed by the Argentinian Hector Gatti, which have geometric forms as well, although complementing the identity with a technologic tone.
Movement, expansion, and connection were other concepts applied to brand communications.

The Results






latin american community speakers

An event like this was built with the energy from more than 70 volunteers, around 100 Latin American community speakers and 15 keynote main speakers coming from all around the world, who have accepted to be a part of this mission and share their knowledge.

Interaction Latin America 2018 (ILA18) became the largest global event of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), with an audience of around 1,500 attendees.